A Gartner Company

Agile Brand Creation

Refreshing a Brand Through Design Thinking

XO Agency partnered with Gartner to refresh their event brand Evanta. Evanta brings together elite C-suite executives in curated events, where they can share and learn from one another. Unlike the standard conference, these events are targeted, intense collaboration sessions among peers. All attendees are participants. They are powerful experiences, but the brand failed to communicate the value, and was struggling to attract the newest generation of leadership.

We used an iterative prototype process to discover how to communicate the value of the brand through the act of making it. This is the core of the design process - discovery through making, not planning. Through this process we were able to excite and align the internal teams around an exciting vision for their future. All workshops were done as responses to proposals and prototypes, allowing the internal teams to understand exactly how their input would shape an outcome.

Early Brand Prototype Workshop Concepts

Understanding the Customer Journey

Through a series of collaborative executive and team workshops, we mapped out the customer's current journey, and identified areas to leverage and enhance. By understanding the mindset at each stage of the customers experience, we were able to tailor the brand messaging to solve for customer needs at each step. From the aspirational to the functional, the brand needed to be relevant and compelling for each evolving step.

Brand Manifesto

XO Agency is one of the smartest agencies I’ve partnered with. The brand strategy work was substantiated in employee and customer insight and truly got to the heart of what was unique about the organization. The end result was a Brand Book that showcased a stunning visual identity coupled with a messaging platform that allowed for a true emotional connection.

VP of Marketing, Gartner

Brand Prototypes

Building A Brand Experience

With an understanding of the customer journey and the internal culture, we iteratively developed multiple brand concepts. All explored within the context of how the brand would be used an experienced. By showing how the messaging, concept, and visual language would all express in digital, print and event, we were able to create a brand that was relevant to the audience, and embraced by the organization.

This toolkit was then packaged into a formal brand guideline, ready to be executed by the internal design and marketing teams.

New Catalyst branded email template