Finding Brand Meaning

Reclaiming a Powerful Point of View

IDL worldwide is a global retail powerhouse, partnering with many of the brands we all know and love to create in-person brand experiences.

IDL was reclaiming and restating their unique culture and services. They partnered with XO Agency to identify a new way to communicate who they are through a new brand vision, and expressed through a redesigned digital experience. By carving out their own story within the parent company's network of consultancies and firms, IDL was laying the foundation for a new stage of growth for their employees and clients.

Brand Culture Statement Excerpt
Brand Concept Iteration
Brand Concept Iteration

Brand Concept Exploration

Brand concepting began by taking the existing design language and culture, and wrapping a metaphor and concept around it. The power of branding comes from reflecting the internal truth of an organization, not inventing a new one. This exploration focused on manifesto statements to capture the essence of IDL meant to the world, through the lens of the company culture.

A spectrum of metaphors and concepts were explored to arrive at the new brand language.

A New Digital Experience

Component-driven UI Design

XO digital design methods put the investment where it matters most - in the organizing strategy of a digital experience, and the expressive concepts that come from it. Not in the complexity of a system for complexity sake. The best Content Management System designs utilize very few front-end component by leveraging sophisticated content models and patterns. This kind of system thinking creates an efficient design process that is evocative for users, and easy to maintain for site administrators.

Digital Experience Approach

The brand voice and concept were expressed in a new experience that focused on thought leadership and culture. By elevating the individuals driving success at IDL, and giving them a platform to share their point of view, the website transformed from being a corporate brochure into a content hub of the best thinking available in the retail consultancy space.

This approach solved for the customer's needs in research phase of their journey, while actively reinforcing the culture that made IDL great in the first place.