Positioning the next generation of influencer

Finding the compelling differentiator in a hyper competitive field

Taking a stand.

The social media sphere is a key channel for brands to market to nearly every audience. The sheer volume and importance of this channel has quickly transformed it from one of quick ROI, to one with a high risk of blending in and being overwhelmed by the competition.

Through influencer marketing, brands can speak with a more authentic voice. But even this strategy has quickly evolved. The younger the demographic, the more valuable influencers are, but also the more vulnerable they are to the sophisticated sense Gen Z has for inauthenticity.

How do we brand an influencer when being an influencer is becoming a label you want to avoid? That's where story and positioning comes in. Jacob Dufault is not an influencer.

Jacob Dufault is an amplifier.

XO gave Jacob a new way to approach his brand clients. He focuses on elite athletes and athletic brands, creating custom artwork to ties together the cultural zeitgeist, celebrities, and team.

This new positioning and graphic kit gives Jacob a way to continue working with big brands and famous athletes, while building his own brand at the same time. A brand does not hire Jacob Dufault only because he creates artwork for their athletes, a brand hires him because the Jacob Dufault brand is an amplifier. His brand is the mark of authenticity.