Finding Meaning

Brand From User Experience

Jive presented a unique opportunity. They were starting the process of refreshing their brand, and wanted to put people at the center. By using the Jive platform to collaborate, the product itself generated the core of the new brand.

The core concept was a collaboration between Jive Software, The Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Liquid Agency, and led by Scott Donnell of XO. All to create a brand by using the product itself.

Artist collaboration on the Jive platform

This is story that is true to Jive. It’s about our customers’ stories and the experience of working better together with Jive.

Elisa Steele, CEO

Product and Brand as One

From Brand Idea to Brand World

XO believes the power of a brand is in the unique world it creates, not simply the logo. The works created from the collaborative art project were combined into a set of brand key art that unified a diverse set of visual ideas.

From this key art - along with a new messaging matrix for brand communications, the brand team was able to create compelling programs for all brand channels. Digital, social, PR, and product we all able to use the brand kit in a way that served their channel needs, but all aligned to the core Jive brand.

Brand Channel Extension

Once the omni-channel approach had been released, new styles for communicating visual stories, videos, promotions, data and infographics were all aligned to the brand. The result - from JiveWorld events to online resources - all spoke to the same collaborative spirit that originated the new direction.