Creative Process

Inspiration and Exploration

XO Agency partnered with NW Natural to create a holiday e-card for their customers and partners. NW Natural is a beloved local company that literally warms the homes of people throughout the region, giving us ample room to find creative solutions that reflect the experience customers already have with the company.

Through various explorations, our goal became a tactile, Pacific Northwest world made of low fidelity elements - inspired by papercut, claymation, and dimensional 2d. Something nostalgic for the holidays, but unique to NW Natural.

Creative inspiration references
Sketch Storyboarding

Concept Development

The process of putting pen to paper is always valuable, even with the digital tools available to us. This allowed XO and NW Natural to quickly iterate on the storyboard before committing to animatics and 3d development, aligning on style, pacing, and messaging.

Final Holiday Animation