Website Design and Build

From disconnected content to a single experience

XO Agency partnered with The Wiseman Group, a leadership development and research organization headquartered in Silicon Valley, to bring together an aging and disparate digital footprint into one, modern content management system.

The Wiseman Group publishes New York Times bestselling books including Multipliers and the Multiplier Effect, and provides leadership training and services that leverage their expertise. Connecting their publishing audience to their broader services through an integrated sales funnel was the primary objective of the project.

XO Accelerated Approach: Design in Browser

The existing Wiseman Group websites consisted of various properties serving their book audiences, seminar and workshop audiences separately, with different third party services connecting them. All resulting in a poor brand experience and a confusing user journey.

Our process began with a content audit and brand discussion to align on the key objectives of what the new site should solve for. After those initial discussions, we quickly moved into building the site while designing it. Modern CMS systems and UI frameworks allow for rapid iteration, and shows the client exactly what the final site will look, feel and behave like. No comps or wireframes, just iteration of the site in a staging environment.

This transparent process eliminates confusion around what will actually be built, and creates a positive environment for collaboration between agency and client.

Content-first iterative design outcomes

Creative Strategy

Our design theming process helped refine how to show the services and products – always in context and full color – as tools for growth rather than precious objects.

Creating Value

Integrating The Sales Funnel

A website is not simply a digital brochure. The power of digital is in understanding how it can be a tool to grow the business through deeper interactions with customers. The Wiseman Group invests heavily in their point of view and thought leadership, creating an opportunity to offer real value to customers learning about the company and its services.

XO integrated site content, interactive quizzes and the customer relationship management system to create a fluid and frictionless entry point into the sales funnel for the organization.