Jive Play Project

A campaign on the power of collaboration.

A B2B integrated marketing campaign based on social good.

A campaign to launch 3 productivity apps for Jive Software, the Play Project built the entire launch campaign content from one event.

It starts with the Play Workshop, the place where connection, communication and collaboration flourish. We brought 11 diverse experts together and asked them to reimagine the future of play. By watching these experts collaborate, we demonstrated the aspirations of what the product portfolio can provide digitally.

Why Play?

Play is how we collaborate when we don’t think we’re working. For products aimed at rediscovering a more natural way of working together, reimagining play gave Jive an engaging topic to explore how we can work better together, almost like play itself.


Create a single story that nets multiple assets over the course of an entire campaign season.


Workshop content converted to nurture paths with social, PPC and custom landing pages for each product campaign.

Design Strategy

An Integrated, Digital Media Campaign