XO Agency Case Study



Integrity, Stewardship and Community

XO partnered with Bambuza Hospitality Group to refresh their flagship property, Bambuza Vietnam Kitchen and Bar. Known for being a family and community oriented company, it was critical for the passion and purpose of the entire organization to come through in the experience of the brand.

Refreshing a Beloved NW Brand

Bambuza has undergone several brand updates over their nearly 20 year history, always trying to balance the family roots, fresh ingredients, and modern experience.

Services Provided

Visual Design

Collateral and Print Design

A Modern Callback

Each restaurant combines lanterns from the Vietnamese city of Hoi An, where previous generations of the family called home, with a tactile material aesthetic that creates a unique experience. It feels modern, but it wouldn’t be out of place to see a 60s vespa parked out front, not unlike what you see in Saigon. The challenge has been to communicate the freshness of the menu with the broader vintage story.

As XO helped to modernize and freshen the brand, we lightened the elements from previous iterations, moving away from containers and heavy fonts, but maintaining the orange and green palette – though shifted to earthier tones. We also brought in a hand drawn aesthetic in the bamboo leaf, creating a new icon to use throughout their materials. The logo itself has many variations, from a simple heritage look, to a more exotic multi-panel treatment. Each has its place to match the identity to the experience the guest is having.

The refresh maintained the core of what makes Bambuza unique, but added a new freshness and handcrafted spirit to bring the overall experience forward.