XO Agency Case Study

Carewell SEIU503

Brand Creation and Web

Extending a Brand into New Services

XO partnered with RISE Partnership, one of our long-time client relationships, to brand and launch a benefits support service for home healthcare workers. The new brand is an extension of the RISE Partnership brand, leveraging the future-facing architecture of the brand work we created for them.

A deep naming exploration began the work, which included member surveys, workshops, and interviews to align around a single direction. We then created a series of key launch language to excite members about the new clarity and confidence in their benefits.

Our model is most advantageous when a cohesive program can wrap around the brand thinking. We were able to launch a new website, new collateral and social media messaging, and important materials like the annual plan booklet and benefits guide.


Services Provided

Nomenclature and Key Strategic Language

Visual Identity

Website Design and Build

Marketing Collateral Design

Plan Booklet and Benefits Guide

Brand Architecture and Strategy

Building the brand off of an existing value proposition gives us a head start, but each extension of a brand must be considered independently to that audience. We created a full package of messaging unique to the benefits and proofpoints for the audience, and detailed the visual differences between the extension and the master brand.

Website Design and Build

XO created a new website as a core experience of the brand work. Prioritizing access to underserved communities, the site offers multi-language support and easy navigation to information, resources and guidance to access their benefits.

One key feature of the site addressing the pain point around understanding what members qualify for and how to get it. This was solved through an eligibility wizard that walks users through the complex qualifications for different benefits, with information on what to do next and how they become eligible if they are currently not.

XO Spark Web Framework

XO uses a proprietary design approach called XO Spark, which allows for the rapid creation of a live review site inside the brand creation phase, to see how the brand will be experienced by the end audience. This approach launches the site with best practice UX while minimizing time and budget – a key factor for non-profits.