Accelerated Web Design and Build

Pre-optimized yet fully customizable. A best-in-class site design and deploy for businesses that value quality, value and speed.

Take a Headstart.

Your foundation is already in place.

An accelerated and value-priced starting point.

30-40% of a typical web project recreates identical work to other sites that already exist. Some work should be custom, some should not. XO Spark formalizes the repeated work into a headstart platform to get you 30% ahead, on day one.

Recreating wireframes and design patterns that are already best practice is wasted time and money. XO Spark is a wordpress-based approach using proven backend technology and easy-to-use frontend editing, already optimized for most use cases. We customize what’s needed, and don’t fix what isn’t broke.

Jakob's UX Law

Users spend most of their time on other sites. This means that users prefer your site to work the same way as all the other sites they already know. Design patterns for which users are accustomed.

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This demo is the pattern library that serves as the foundation of each project. Though it is styled in the XO Spark brand for the demo - your site will look like your brand. XO Spark is fully customizable - it is an approach, not a design.

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A Turnkey Solution. Value Focused.

Websites create value for your organization through relevant content and compelling branding. They create value over the long-term by empowering your internal resources to take ownership of the site for changes and maintenance.

  • Preselected and optimized theme
  • Starting architecture
  • Best practice design patterns
  • Common 3rd party plugins for most business cases
  • Site Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Look and Feel

Spark Success Story

The Wiseman Group

A small business web refresh consolidating multiple sites into one digital home for the brand.

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An agency engagement that delivers this level of quality at this price simply doesn’t exist elsewhere.


$16kFixed Fee
  • Timing Approx 1 month
  • Design Look and feel based on current brand
  • Architecture Unlimited pages based on 5 templates
  • Content Strategy Best practice flows
  • Integration Contact forms


$26kFixed Fee
  • Timing Approx 6-8 weeks
  • Design Custom look and feel based on refreshed visual brand
  • Architecture Unlimited pages based on 8 templates
  • Content Strategy Best practice flows
  • Integration Contact forms


$42kFixed Fee
  • Timing Approx 8-12 weeks
  • Design Refreshed visual branding with new pattern library for easy internal maintenance and iteration
  • Architecture Unlimited pages based on 10 templates
  • Content Strategy Integrated customer journey based on user personas
  • Integration Lead generation and contact to activate customer journey

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