A Statement of Intent.

We have been reflecting on the state of the world, and our place in it. We don’t have an answer yet for our role and what we must do, but we felt we should at least be transparent about the process we’re going through.

I speak mostly of our power to recruit in this video, but we are looking at much more than that. We intend to be better people, more proactively anti-racist, to understand at a more fundamental level what we must do, professionally, culturally and personally.

There aren’t many answers in this video, only a commitment of responsibility to act. We intend to do what we can with the influence we have to create a better experience for Black people in our networks, in the product of our work, and in our community.

We must move to a proactive, anti-racist position.

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Scott Donnell

Strategy with style. Scott brings a inspired approach to design thinking as the Head of Design at XO Agency. His diverse leadership experience ranges from launching global enterprise digital experiences, to internal cultural storytelling, developing new brands, and creating omni-channel campaigns.