Value of a Customer Journey

Value of a Customer Journey

The Path to Market Value.

How do you convert prospects to customers? Customer insight. Content marketing. Connection through technology. These elements create the customer journey that moves prospects forward into a purchasing decision. Activating this journey is the key to unlocking value from your marketing efforts. XO Agency partners with organizations to build this journey and create qualified sales leads.

The Customer Journey = Customer Growth

Companies with a formal Customer Journey Management Program experience year-over-year growth compared to companies that don’t:

  • Greater Return on Marketing Investment 54% 54%
  • More Cross and Up-Sell Revenue 56% 56%

Source: Aberdeen Group Research. “Customer Journey Mapping: Lead The Way To Advocacy” 2016

Land and Expand

The XO Customer Journey Activation Program

Using agile-inspired methodology, we offer a process that to establish marketing value quickly (Land), and enhances over time to continually increase revenue (Expand).

Early and mid-stage companies often lack Go-To-Market (GTM) capability. We kickstart that capability with a value-priced engagement to lay the foundations of your marketing machine, and create the content you need to activate it.


Combine traditional methods (monthly placements) with additional approaches that connect your brand to relevant news and events to increase visibility.

Content Creation

Only make what is useful for your audience – prioritize the creation of the right types of content with the right messages.

Channel Touchpoints

Be relevant where your target audience is. Identify the most valuable channels and create specific strategies to connect promotion/sharing and engaging with influencers and communities.



Create scale. Technology + strategy delivers the right content to the right person at the right time throughout the customer journey. The place for marketing & sales alignment AND measuring effectiveness of marketing efforts.


Wrap it up already

Kickstart Your Marketing

We begin the process with a half-day workshop to audit and diagram your customer journey based on what your internal team knows. You’re the expert in your business, let’s start there.

Contact us to learn more and schedule your Brand Marketing Audit.

By Laura Allen | Strategy

Through a decade of content-led brand and digital strategy, Laura has created impactful, integrated experiences through research, insight, and cross-disciplinary collaboration. She has developed multi-year relationships with clients across industries and verticals.