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We're pretty top heavy.

Everyone being senior level is a great thing. We want to work with inspiring people, and be inspiring to others in return. No fluff, unless we’re after some fluff. In which case: fluff.

If you want to be part of an A-team that has no B-team, we want to hear from you. Many of our projects are contract based, so we can put the very best fit on the project. If you want to be added to our talent bench, we’d love to get to know you.

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Open Positions

Nothing open at the moment, but that changes rapidly and often. Check back soon, or just say hi!

Senior Technical Consultant - Project based

XO is tech agnostic. We approach each project with broad questions about what is right for the user, both the end customer and the internal client team that manages the product we deliver. We don't sell the tech stack we specialize on. We identify the need, and then source the solution.

Our technical consultants are pivotal members of our team. You will be involved in scoping, pitch, and consulting for new projects as the technical representative, partnered with a design lead and content marketing lead. Building relationships with clients to put together the recommendations for their solution. You will not be managing a development team directly, but you will have opportunity to refer in other vendors or relationships that fit the project requirements. There is generally a light business analyst role as a part of these engagements, documenting requirements and facilitating conversations with clients to bring them to the right solution.

Technical consultants are project-based only, but often on a recurring basis.

Portland preferred, but not required. Send us your resume at

Racial Equity Advisors

XO is seeking to establish a panel of advisors to review agency deliverables from the point of view of their life experience. Requests may include reviewing advertising language or imagery and provide feedback and input on the racial tone and subtext of the communication. Experience in branding or design is not required. This work will be paid per request. The time commitment is minimal and sporadic, we're looking for gut reactions and feedback. To be added to our panel, please send us a linkedin account, resume, or other social feed - a formal application is not necessary. All ages and backgrounds are welcome.

Creative Copywriter (Freelance)

Wordsmiths! We are looking for a creative copywriter to join our freelance bench for upcoming projects starting soon. If you understand how messaging works in the digital media age, how a person interacts with content in snippets and snacks, then we want to talk to you. These positions are heavy on the creative. No long-form technical writing. We want to hear your creative concepts, your insightful ideas, your biting lines. PDX only please.

Interactive UI Designer (Freelance)

XO interactive designers must have a strong background in UX best practices, but you're not a UX architect. You take content strategies, concept decks, occasionally a PDD - and make it sparkle as a useable, beautiful interface. You won't receive a wireframe to work from here (they're the worst, why do people use those?), so you're not coloring in the lines - you're creating a brand vision in digital. If you can understand the value of strong UX, but have a heart in the UI - we want to hear from you. Currently project based only.

Brand Designer (Freelance)

XO brand designers can take loose, abstract, tonal direction of strategy and language and translate it into a visual brand that echoes that tone. Must be skilled in logo creation, but also able to think about the surrounding brand world. What textures, iconography, patterns, and imagery would fill out the brand experience? If you can build a brand world, and also quickly gain an intuitive sense of design trends within various industries that you haven't seen before... we want to meet you. You'll work under creative and strategic guidance with relevant category research and positioning provided, but we want your creative spark to make the mix taste like a fancy cake, or how TMNT would make chocolate chip pizzas work (it doesn't in real life, we tried). Currently project based only.

We're always interested in meeting talented people, so please reach out if you just want to say hi. You never know where it will lead!