XO Agency Wins Big at the 12th Web Excellence Awards

XO Agency Wins Big at the 12th Web Excellence Awards

Securing Wins For Branding and Web Design In Two Categories

Portland, May 2024 – XO Agency has snagged a top spot in the 12th Web Excellence Awards. Our entry, “Point B – Brand and Website Refresh,” was recognized for excellence in both Consulting and Professional Services categories, showcasing our knack for strategic creativity and top-notch performance in the digital world.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this award,” said XO founder and Managing Director, Scott Donnell. “By blending research-backed strategy with user-centered design, we’re able to create really interesting solutions tailored to each client’s needs. This recognition just fuels our passion to keep pushing for great solutions for our clients.”

The Web Excellence Awards shine a spotlight on the best and brightest in web development and digital innovation. It’s a global stage celebrating talent and creativity, and we’re honored to be part of such an impressive group of winners. “This award not only highlights our achievements but also inspires us to continually elevate our game,” added Head of Strategy, Derek Phillips.

Winning this award underscores our commitment to excellence and our role as leaders in web development and digital innovation. It’s more than just a win—it’s a reflection of our dedication to bringing strategic creativity to our clients and setting new standards for ourselves.

The Work

Looking Forward

Point B’s brand refresh represents a pivotal shift in the company’s market positioning and internal culture. By developing a new brand story and aligning internal and external messaging, Point B is now poised for its next phase of growth as a leader in the consulting market. This project underscores the power of strategic branding in transforming perception and inspiring a collective vision for the future.

Point B

Sitecore Website Replatform and Redesign

Point B

Brand Strategy and Visual Identity

Building from brand

The new website is a brand activation, giving life to the strategy, positioning, language and visuals developed with XO through a comprehensive reimagining of their brand.

Explore the background and process of rebranding Point B, resulting in the powerful site that emerged from it.

About the Web Excellence Awards

The Web Excellence Awards is an international competition that celebrates the best in web development and digital innovation. By recognizing and promoting outstanding achievements, the awards aim to inspire and elevate the digital industry worldwide.

We’re very proud of the work we did for Point B and appreciate the partnership we’ve had with them over the years. Check out the Point B case study for more details on this project that is near and dear to our hearts.

Wrap it up already

Everything We Do, We Do It For You!

Look…we all love being recognized for our work. We put a lot into it and we’re very proud of the work we do. But we do it to support our clients’ businesses and strive to be a true partner with them. So thanks, Point B, for trusting XO Agency with this important piece of your business!

By derekphillips

Derek brings nearly 20 years of experience working with some of the biggest brands across multiple verticals, including Valvoline, Nissan, AT&T, and The Recording Industry Association of America. With a strong background in Content Strategy, Derek excels at setting clear goals and objectives and has a drive for developing effective strategies that deliver results. Ask him about the White Stripes, I think he has a story about them.