MicroMentor will re-launch MVP January 2020. Work shown represents UX patterns and experiences to build towards iteratively over time.

Scaling up a cause into a life-changing service

Connecting successful business mentors to entrepreneurs in emerging markets around the world.

Making change, one entrepreneur at a time.

XO Agency partnered with MicroMentor, a social venture of Mercy Corps, to reimagine their platform. The MicroMentor platform enables the world's largest community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business mentors to create powerful connections, solve problems, and build successful businesses together. We were honored to help MicroMentor with scaling up and expanding this mission.

This project kick-starts the development of a newly designed platform which:
• Better meets the needs of users
• Supports emerging business models
• Permits MicroMentor to scale, adapt, and self-manage

Through a new vision, a strategy, roadmap, and design library culminates in the release of a minimum viable product which can help MicroMentor transition from their current platform, and make continued iterative improvements over time.

A launchpad for valuable relationships

The new dashboard was reimagined to not only be the starting point for engagement, but a place to return to again and again. By consolidating and personalizing the content most relevant to each user, the dashboard becomes a source of connection, wisdom, and expertise that increases in value over time.

The interactions also provide the organization with important data, lessening the need for users to manually fill out surveys and forms.

Profiles for connection

Profiles were redesigned to surface the needs, questions, and system-generated intelligence to benefit not only the entrepreneurs, but also mentors to better understand how they can help.

By introducing follow, content posting, and business reporting, relationships and conversations can start at a more meaningful place.

Mobile optimized conversational onboarding

One of the key user pain points on the previous platform is the sign up flow. For the platform to serve users completely, significant information is required to personalize the experience. XO created a simple, conversational flow that only asked enough to get started, and continued to fill in information as the platform is used. This approach of progressive disclosure lowers user friction and encourages quick adoption.

After onboarding, users are able to interact with the platform through a variety of technologies, giving choice to the user and flexibility to the organization to solve for international variance in platform availability.

I would choose them in a heartbeat for another design project, and I would refer them without any reservations. XO Agency is reliable in terms of customer service, content, and genuinely caring about the final product.

Anita Ramachandran, Executive Director, MicroMentor, Mercy Corps