XO Agency Case Study


Brand and Website Refresh

The View From Here

XO Agency partnered with ECOnorthwest to enhance and strengthen their market positioning through an updated visual identity, a robust brand platform of differentiated messaging, and a powerful new website experience that surfaces the value of the company’s offering while increasing the ease of use and management of the site by the internal team.

The brand platform gives voice to an insight developed from interviews and workshops with stakeholders throughout the company. Because of their unique interdisciplinary approach, ECOnw has a unique point of view:

To answer the complex questions of our time, we integrate economic analysis with complementary disciplines to provide a more complete understanding of how policy choices affect peoples’ lives.

Services Provided

Visual Identity

Brand Positioning and Messaging

Website Design and Build

Revised logomark with tagline

Brand manifesto excerpt

Beware the simple truth, the easy answer.

Insight from research is rarely so straightforward as to be on display for all to see. That makes it easy to miss. And even easier to misunderstand.

To address the complex issues facing the communities where we live and work, we must adopt a broader perspective. A wider view that integrates deeds of the past with dreams of the future. Of people, and of place.

Extensive guidelines with focus on digital accessibility standards

Illustration assets as a part of an extended brand world.

5 star independent review

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“Beautiful website with new branding and messaging, delivered on time and to great applause. New logo and messaging delivered on time and adopted quickly by entire firm. They were absolutely professional, and easy to work with. They always answered our questions very promptly and with care.

Wonderful, brilliant people who really care about doing their jobs well!

Communications Lead, ECOnorthwest

Website Design and Build

In addition to an extensive kit of identity assets and guidance, XO created a completely refreshed website as an extension of the brand work. Prioritizing content that differentiates, the new site offers better discoverability to over 250 projects and insights while focusing the message around core brand ideas at every step.

ECOnw.com uses the XO proprietary design-build approach called XO Spark, which allows for the rapid creation of a live site inside the brand creation phase, to see how the brand will be experienced by the end audience. This approach creates a site based on best practices while maximizing focus on meaningful content to elevate the brand.