XO Agency Case Study



Clear Marketing for Complex Products

XO partners with multiple divisions of the Siemens portfolio to bring products to market within the Siemens brand world. Each engagement begins with a deep dive into the sales strategy of each organization, extracting insights for messaging against competitors. The messaging is developed collaboratively with experts in their respective fields. Our challenge is to find simple, compelling ways to describe some of the most complex engineering feats ever accomplished, connected to the buyer’s pain points.

The messaging itself is largely confidential, but each engagement creates a series of key visuals to create differentiation and excitement. Sample visuals below show the integration of conceptual metaphor with engineering specification.

Services Provided

Brand Strategy

Messaging Development

Iconography and Illustration

Infographic Design

Presentation Design

Key Visual Development

Connecting Metaphor and Value

Each product line is given a distinct presentation of their benefit and value, but all aligning to a larger Siemens brand. The goal is to create differentiation of each product within their category, while maintaining the ability to tie it together into a larger portfolio of other Siemens product lines.

 Each product messaging and brand visual kit is used in presentations, marketing collateral, and events.