XO Agency Case Study



B2B OmniChannel Content

XO partnered with Alfresco, a leading productivity platform used by more than 11 million people at industry-leading organizations in more than 190 countries, to create an integrated content campaign for their Habits That Help program.

We created a campaign kit to promote the brand as a thought leader in the space. The campaign centered around promoting a webinar: Leverage the Data in Content. A full customer journey was mapped out to introduce content that would support the entire nurture path.

Services Provided

Campaign Strategy

Graphic Design and Messaging

Click-through Digital Strategy

Email Template Design


Tactical integration

The campaign created content that supported every channel at Alfresco’s disposal:

  • Website landing page
  • Social copy with multiple versions each for Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter
  • Full nurture path for emails
  • Blog content for site


Full collaborative content planning

B2B omnichannel campaigns are successful only if each persona is clearly defined and messaging matches each step of the buyer journey. Our process collaboratively creates the full volume of customer-customized messaging. In the end the customer only sees what they need to, but behind the scenes a full machine of personalized messaging is delivering just what they need to see, when they need to see it.