XO Agency Case Study

NW Natural


Redefining perceptions with industry leading performance

 Metrics beat average industry CTR performance by 20%


XO partnered with NW Natural to promote key drivers for customer satisfaction within three categories – Billing & Payment, Price, and Communications.

Beginning with a deep research review of customer sentiment, XO identified the key messages to communicate, and most importantly how to communicate them. By focusing the message on specific actions customers can take, all from the perspective that NW Natural genuinely cares about its customers, XO was able to beat industry metrics and offer real value to the business and customers.

Services Provided

Communication Strategy

Media Planning

Creative Concept

Ad Production and Photography

Video Production


Reduction in Cost Per Click


Increase in Click Through Rate


Reduction in Cost of Impressions

77 unique ads for 6 distinct audience messages

The messaging was tailored to specific customer concerns, each with their own customer persona spokesperson, and served in a variety of formats to meet customers where they are. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube pre-roll, and banners all worked together in a staged rollout to communicate the value of being a NW Natural customer.

Creative that breaks through the scroll

The creative approach used an intentional combination of bright colors, simple messaging, and minimalist layout. In a cluttered digital landscape, doing less and doing it well creates more engagement.

Talent expression matched to 21 unique reactions

Authentic pairings of image and content were created for every animation and static image reaction. This detailed approach allowed for the message to be more intuitively and immediately understood in the context of feeds and other content.

“I am very pleased with the level of strategy and audience analysis that fed the campaign. And the creative execution delivered perfectly on the strategic vision. Not to mention, I am extremely happy that the campaign is producing outstanding results.”

Cory Beck, Senior Manager Communications & User Experience