XO Agency Case Study

Rise Partnership

Brand and Website

A New Morning for Workers

XO was proud to partner with a collective of labor-management trusts developed by the State of Oregon and SEIU 503, the local chapter of one of the most important labor unions in the nation. They were creating a new way to serve their workers, by administering benefits through a central organization.

XO collaborated with worker leaders across the organization to name and brand RISE Partnership, the new entity that would administer benefits. XO helped define and give voice to the mission and cause they were fighting for everyday. Through clear language, defined values, compelling visuals and messaging, RISE Partnership is the clear choice for any benefit trust that puts workers first.

A Statement of Support

The Brand Book is not only a visual communications kit. It defines the purpose and values of the organization, creating a consistent experience to workers over time. The focus on internal, cultural, strategic decision making and alignment is what eventually creates the final visuals and language, rooting the brand in the core purpose of the organization, not simply a style.

The core visual of the new brand identity is the logomark, illustrating a rising sun. It echoes the name RISE, which embodies the Respect, Integrity, Service and Equity the organization stands for. A full messaging matrix of language gives voice to the brand and mission in every communication.

Services Provided

Customer Research

Brand Architecture

Brand Identity


Website Design and Build

Marketing Collateral Design

Website Design and Build

In addition to a kit of postcards, presentations, and other key business materials, XO created a launch website as an extension of the brand work. XO uses a proprietary design approach called XO Spark, which allows for the rapid creation of live prototypes inside the brand iteration phase, to see how the brand will be experienced by the end audience. This prototype website is then converted into the launch site with best practice UX, minimizing time and budget – a key factor for non-profits.

“XO Agency is part of the team. I don’t feel that I’m working with consultants. I’m working with people who have a deep investment in the work that we’re trying to do.”

Jill Bakken, Director of Communications