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XO Agency builds and communicate powerful brands through websites, campaigns and identity. But above all: we do Faboo. That means no matter what we do for you, people will feel it. It will evoke curiosity, satisfaction and loyalty.

Our promise to you is that you’ll enjoy the partnership and process as much as your customer will love the result. Let’s find your Faboo.

Consultancy, Plus

We offer the dedicated attention and deep experience of our Founder, with the production scalability of an agency. We’re a Consultancy, Plus.

Our clients love that we are relationship-focused, not production-based. Our leadership is on every project supported with dedicated and staffed project management, and we never intend to grow beyond that relationship connection. We then leverage our agile team for world-class creativity, strategy, and technology solutions, but always providing dedicated leadership to your work. 



Managing Director

Scott is a rare unification of a strategic orientation with creative thinking. He gained his expertise as Creative Director on the accounts of consumer giants like Apple, Coca-Cola and Xbox, but found his true passion with a more tailored strategic focus on healthcare, B2B, and nonprofit organizations that benefit from his direct consulting approach. He plays ice hockey, poorly.



Head of Strategy

Derek brings nearly 20 years of experience working with some of the biggest brands across multiple verticals, including Valvoline, Nissan, AT&T, and The Recording Industry Association of America. With a strong background in Content Strategy, Derek excels at setting clear goals and objectives and has a drive for developing effective strategies that deliver results. Ask him about the White Stripes, I think he has a story about them.



Agency Coordinator

Jenny brings together 10 years of agency and event experience coordination to stay on top of budgets and schedules, while also getting deep in the weeds to make sure everything is tippy top and sparkling. Speaking of, Jenny enjoys a good cider.


Laura Allen

Content Strategist

Laura brings over 15 years of content-led brand and digital strategy experience, creating impactful, integrated solutions through research, insight, and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Once described as the girl from Pennnnnnsylvania (she’s not, though).


Allie Yearry

Front End Developer

Allie partners with XO on the XO Spark WordPress framework, creating a repeatable and constantly improving product base for XO clients to begin their digital journeys. She is a master problem solver and integrator, and sidenote – she’s faboo.


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And Let’s Do Faboo

Want to do great things with great people for great people? Faboo.

Featured Talent Collaborators

Hunter Marshall

Executive Brand Strategist
XO Agency Tenure: 4 years

Molly Elwood

Brand Copy Consultant
XO Agency Tenure: 4 years

Tim Benedict/Collektiv

Animator & Video Editor
XO Agency Tenure: 4 years

Kyla Hutchinson

Brand Design
XO Agency Tenure: 1 year

Trust is the foundation of partnership.

Great brands are made from great people, and we’re lucky to work with some really great people. We know working with an external partner can be a stressful experience. Below read independently verified testimonials from some of our client partners.

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Have confidence and control making content updates with our unique XO Spark WordPress framework. With best in class UX as a starting point, infinitely customizable design and pre-optimized for efficient budget spend.


Align around what is true to your vision, valuable to your customer, and unique to the market. Our process quickly creates entire brand worlds to compare and validate, giving you assurance that your brand will make its mark in your customer’s lives.


From PPC and SEM to the compelling creative that breaks through the scroll, our integrated marketing extends your internal team’s capability to meet your customer wherever they are.

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