XO Agency Case Study

AT&T Foundry

Digital and Brand

Introducing innovation to the world and the organization

XO Agency partnered with AT&T to introduce The Foundry not only to the world, but the internal audience at AT&T – who are often The Foundry’s biggest customers. XO Agency led the creative and UX design process in an onsite immersive collaboration with the client.

To define the value and culture at The Foundry, XO traveled to spend extended time with the engineers, scientists, futurists and executives at multiple Foundry locations to create the story together. This ongoing cultural immersion allowed us to discover the unique value of the people, processes and outcomes that The Foundry creates, and structure that into a digital strategy for the site. 

Services Provided

Visual Design

UX Architecture

Brand Storytelling

Executive Facilitation and Research

Concept Exploration

Prior to interface design, UX or content strategy, we always create the vision of the experience. This is a prototyping process involving several rounds of language exploration, visual tone, and interaction styles. These concept comps help us and the client come together on what resonates with the organization and the audience, and tells us where to place the most innovative and evocative elements – whether in the visuals, the language, or the broader experience.

We the People 

Proposals included interaction ideas that combined different elements of the Foundry – people, sponsors, and technologies, to see what that combination creates.

Design directions explored elevating the people to be the key organizing content of the site, creating hero portraits of team members, collaborators and sponsors.

Modern Simplicity

As concepts evolved into the final direction, a clean and modern approach was followed to focus on key stories of The Foundry’s impact on their customer’s needs.

Content and structure to shape the design

With the core approach aligned upon, we then created a full design system for development based on repeating modules. This approach simplified the final result and put the focus on the brand story and manifesto that captured the essence of the Foundry and brought the internal teams together under a common vision. 


Inventing the future is a team effort.

Born of planned collisions between people and technologies, ideas and engineering. We find the common thread between IoT and bandsaws, qubits and curiosity.

From those connections, collisions and combinations, something emerges: A future we built together.

Innovation doesn’t come just from a place, or a process— it’s the people. The right combination of experts that create more than the sum of their experiences. A density of expertise that form a critical mass of ideas. All connected to AT&T and their enterprise sponsors for innovation at scale.
We’re what happens when you partner with startups and enterprises and mix them with academics and experimenters. Through our work, we optimize the now and catalyze the future.

We are programmers, physicists, engineers, communicators and designers. We are AT&T Foundry. And everything we do, we do together.

Come see what we do next.


The Manifesto is a tool that establishes the aspirational tone of voice for the site and captures the strategic conversations about the brand.

The Manifesto references story points that frame up the content strategy:

  • We help define the future of AT&T by being different from AT&T.

  • The projects are real, because the people are real.

  • AT&T Foundry is the team + the culture + impact.