A website process for maximum brand value.

XO Agency offers a tested, best-in-class approach for businesses that value quality, flexibility and transparency in the process. Our XO Spark framework is optimized for ease-of-use and efficient build, all while keeping your brand at the center.


XO Agency led a seamless collaboration from start to finish. Customers can expect a highly responsive team with technical expertise and the drive to go above and beyond in their delivery.

Liz Wiseman, President, The Wiseman Group

A modern approach: Design in Browser with XO Spark.

After our initial discovery period, we move into building the site with you. No wireframes, no photoshop mockups. Our XO Spark framework enables us to offer a first review of the site in a browser, on a phone, on your tablet. Experience it the way a customer will. We complete the entire process in a live and private site, so you can share, create content and provide feedback with confidence. 

We also partner with internal or 3rd party development when appropriate for the client’s objectives. We always pursue the best solution, whether we invented it or not.

Why This Process?



We eliminate an entire phase of the engagement by designing, writing and developing all in parallel. This not only speeds up the entire process, but reduces cost and eliminates errors that are inevitable in handoffs between design, content and development. You still have as many rounds of review as you would otherwise have, but it’s all in a live, private site.



Our XO Spark wordpress framework is refined with every client. You benefit from the refinements of every previous engagement. The design and content is custom to you, and the underlying technology is optimized from prior experiences for optimal performance and updateability.

No Budget Waste

30% of a typical web project recreates identical work to other sites that already exist. Our platform is a starting point that has optimized the basics that most businesses need. We focus our time with you on what makes your site unique.


Websites that Make a Difference.

Just a few of the great organizations with whom we’ve built valuable web experiences. Best in class UX that’s easy to update with the power to grow.

Point B

Sitecore Website Replatform and Redesign


Brand Identity, Messaging, and Website for Leading Research Firm


Digital Strategy and Design

Mosaic Medical

Brand and Web Refresh

The Wiseman Group

Multi-site Migration and Redesign

The Other Slices of the XO Piefecta.



Align around what is true to your vision, valuable to your customer, and unique to the market. Our process quickly creates entire brand worlds to compare and validate, giving you assurance that your brand will make its mark in your customer’s lives.


From PPC and SEM to the compelling creative that breaks through the scroll, our integrated marketing extends your internal team’s capability to meet your customer wherever they are.