XO Agency Case Study

Point B Rebrand

Brand Positioning and Visual Identity Refresh

Defining Transformation

XO Agency partnered with Point B to clarify their unique value in the market through a revised brand strategy and visual identity. The new brand strategy identified their core differentiation and connected it to brand concept that would guide all communications.

The approach was to leverage the ongoing purpose and vision initiatives at the company, which enabled a cohesive internal understanding, potent external messaging, and strategic alignment for Point B’s future growth trajectory.

XO developed a comprehensive brand platform and supportive language that resonated with both the market and Point B employees. This included crafting a new brand story, aligning messaging across specific consulting industries, and generating assets and guidance to inspire the next generation of Point B employees.

Services Provided

Brand Positioning

Visual Identity

Film and video

Industry and Subcategory Brand Strategy

Trusted by the world’s leading organizations, Point B is a consulting firm that specializes in transformative technology with a collaborative approach for business transformation.

Refreshed logomark and illustration from the supporting “Brand World”.

Brand Strategy

We keep internal client strategies confidential, but they are the foundation of all expressions we create for a brand. The brand platform approach provides strategic grounding and creative guidance, packaging the depth and nuance of an entire company’s value into a memorable series of concepts.

Brand Positioning

Positioning takes the foundational concepts of value and frames them in terms of the competitive market. To the relevant audience, brand positioning provides separates and elevates a company against all competitors.

Explore, Refine, Release.

The XO Iterative Brand Development Process

A crash course in company immersion to understand the basics, before focusing efforts around exploring solutions for feedback and sharing within the organization.


XO leveraged existing research and conducted stakeholder interviews to create a strategic brand positioning framework. The team undertook a competitive analysis to identify differentiators and opportunities. The outcome was a comprehensive understanding of Point B’s organizational drivers, audience needs, and competitive landscape, laying the groundwork for the brand’s evolutionary direction.


After the foundational research was complete, XO began refining the new brand platform and supporting language through iterative collaboration. This process resulted in a brand vision that articulated Point B’s purpose, pillars, positioning, and messaging for both the overall brand and employee experience, as well as specific messaging for each industry.


The Release phase culminated in the finalization of brand assets and sales enablement decks that integrated all brand platform elements and supporting language, including launch videos that play a large role in the refreshed website. 

Brand Activation Assets

Over 250 graphics, templates, editorial style, and communication assets were provided, all with guidance on usage were provided to empower the internal team to take control of their new brand. All editorial content is confidential, but supported by a world of branded graphics to tie the concepts and messaging together.

Sample “Transformation” illustration

Sample “Relationship” illustration

Sample “Field Pattern” illustration

“Thank you for your creative genius and helpful support! We are so proud and excited to launch this beautiful brand that you worked so thoughtfully to create. It puts us in a whole new category and gives us so much great stuff to work with, in both words and visuals. I know it has been a long road, thank you for walking and sometimes running it along with us.”

Strategy Director, Point B

Looking Forward

Point B’s brand refresh represents a pivotal shift in the company’s market positioning and internal culture. By developing a new brand story and aligning internal and external messaging, Point B is now poised for its next phase of growth as a leader in the consulting market. This project underscores the power of strategic branding in transforming perception and inspiring a collective vision for the future.

In addition to the rebrand, XO Agency was proud to partner with Point B on their website replatforming to Sitecore to activate their new brand.

Point B

Sitecore Website Replatform and Redesign