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For Good: Nonprofit and purpose-driven organizations

Leveraging power and passion for a better world.

Although mostly comprised of nonprofits, our For Good service area also includes enterprises that put social good at the core of their mission and our work with them. XO dedicates a significant portion of our work to discounted engagements, giving clients who are doing good work access to talent and expertise they could otherwise not engage.

Throughout our work in the nonprofit sector, we recognize the method of collaboration and time commitment is different than a typical enterprise. We adjust our models and methods to fit the collaborative and inclusive nature of NGOs, and let your culture take the lead while benefiting from the process and experience XO brings.

Over the last six years we have:

  • Created a digital platform design and provided technical consulting for Mercy Corps to enable women-led entrepreneurship and mentorship in developing countries around the world
  • Branded and created the initial website for RISE Partnership, a services organization for several labor unions in the Pacific Northwest. Oriented toward DEI initiatives and increasing access for the most marginalized workers, particularly non-native speakers and home health care workers, the site serves a diverse audience. They have returned to XO to brand and to build the sites for 4 additional service offerings under their umbrella.
  • Rebranded and built the website for Mosaic Community Health, an organization that provides healthcare regardless of ability to pay.
  • Branded and created the site for Oregon Care Careers, a career pathways site intended to increase recruiting in healthcare for people of color and immigrants.
  • Rebranded Mt Adams Institute, an education and workforce organization that helps get people outdoors and in federal careers who otherwise would not have access to those opportunities.

We approach nonprofits with that understanding that there is an even greater need for more collaboration, transparency, and consensus building. These are among the necessary ingredients necessary for success. 

We also offer a 10% discount to all nonprofit client project fees.

XO Agency is part of the team. I don’t feel that I’m working with consultants. I’m working with people who have a deep investment in the work that we’re trying to do. I can’t imagine a scenario in which someone wouldn’t be successful working with XO Agency.

Jill Bakken, Communications Director
RISE Partnership

Rise Partnership

Brand and Website for Benefits Organization


Digital Strategy and Design

Mt. Adams Institute

Brand Refresh for National Nonprofit

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