We’re proud to partner with great companies and fantastic people. Our work is always done in collaboration with our clients, who we thank for their continued passion and partnership. See some of our shared success below. 

Mosaic Medical

Brand and Web Refresh

Rise Partnership

Brand and Website for Benefits Organization

Mt. Adams Institute

Brand Refresh for National Nonprofit

Captain the ship, not the sea.

It’s a brand strategy thing. 


Digital Strategy and Design

West Coast Watch

Ecommerce Website with Live Data Integration


Brand Identity for Portland Restaurant Chain

Ninth & Pike

Brand Identity for Seattle Restaurant

There's something uniquely, compellingly, you. No one else can claim it.

Let’s find it and tell the world.

An overlooked key to success:


AT&T Foundry

Brand Story and Web Design

Bond & Love

Brand Identity for Maternity Healthcare Startup

Still Hungry?

We just so happen to have a whole Plaid Pantry of nutritious brand thinking plus a closed time-like curve that will plop you right back here when you’re done.