XO Agency Case Study

Point B Website

Website Redesign and Replatform

Activating a New Brand Vision

XO Agency partnered with Point B to reimagine their website experience while replatforming to the Sitecore CMS ecosystem, showcasing their recent brand refresh also done with XO.

Point B is a consulting firm that specializes in business transformation and technology services, working with the world’s leading organizations. The redesign and development of their content, visual design, and site platform elevated their digital presence to meet and exceed their competitors’ digital experiences and garner high compliments from the organization’s leaders.

Services Provided

Sitecore website development

Brand messaging and copy

UX architecture and visual design

Film and video creation

Interactive storytelling

Bringing Brand to Life

Replatforming to Sitecore offered distinct advantages for the company, including increased personalization capability and a component design system that could be extended throughout the site.

In addition to technical capability, partnering with XO allowed Point B to connect the brand strategy and positioning into the content strategy of the website. This included refined messaging around industry focus areas and content centered on addressing humanity’s greatest challenges.

Interactive Brand Storytelling

Features as Content

The XO and Point B teams looked for any opportunity to express brand value inside of existing features. This includes areas like a rich search field that not only offered suggested prompts, but communicated key differentiators of the company.

Connecting Content to Discoverability

Another example of using features of the experience to communicate value are the intersection modules placed through the site.

The home page intersection, shown here, cycles through promotions of site content that interact in ways the make Point B unique. 

Extending and Connecting

As concepts like the Intersection are introduced, they are replicated in context through the site. This industry version shows how specific people, technologies, expertise, and solutions intersect in a way only Point B can provide, and is customized for each industry and solution throughout the site. Each module clicks through to supporting content to learn more.

A Process Built Around Transparency

Explore, Refine, Release.

The XO Iterative Digital Development Process

Our digital process mirrors our brand process, aligning around core strategies early in order to focus on agile iteration, prioritizing transparency with client stakeholders and integrating development teams into the design flow.


The Explore phase includes broad discussions of company goals and user needs of the future site, quickly defining a new architecture and feature set for the first release of the site. A comprehensive content inventory and audit helped lay the groundwork for a new design system that would leverage the new brand and create a repeatable and user-friendly experience on the site. 


After initial alignment on the features and architecture of the site, the majority of the process is spent in agile iteration, designing and coding features while copy creation works in parallel.

This integrates all stakeholders, strategists, and creatives within the same workflow, resulting in a highly efficient process that can be QA’d as the site is built.


Once a new and comprehensive design system has been created, coded, and implemented into the new site, user validation and content entry begins. The site is comprised of over 500 pages, including over 250 case studies and insights that are critical to sales enablement. Combining copy creation of new content with entry of existing content into one workflow allowed the XO and Point B teams to collaborate, review and approve content for launch.

Key pages displaying diversity of design pattern system

“Thank you so much for your help getting the new Point B brand and website live! You’ve helped take our brand and visual identity to a whole new level. Truly transformational stuff.”

Marketing and Communications Manager, Point B

Building from brand

The new website is a brand activation, giving life to the strategy, positioning, language and visuals developed with XO through a comprehensive reimagining of their brand.

Explore the background and process of rebranding Point B, resulting in the powerful site that emerged from it.

Point B

Brand Strategy and Visual Identity